Introducing SunPURO® Naturals

New Natural Colors and Functional Ingredients for Cosmetics and Personal Care

Beauty is Colorful. We are the Color Experts.


Sun Chemical’s new SunPURO® Natural products strike an ideal balance between responsibility and naturality, offering conscious color and purposeful products designed for today’s beauty needs.

Explore our curated selection of cosmetic colors and beauty ingredients that go beyond natural to encompass responsibly sourced plant-derived ingredients and colorants that improve the naturality and function of beauty formulas.

SunPURO® Natural Inspired Formulas


Cream to Powder Multi-use Powder


Milky Makeup Remover


Natural Teeth Cleansing Solid


Refreshing Mouth Drops


Solid Charcoal Shampoo


Jelly Milk Face and Body Scrub

Pigment Finder: Explore Our Portfolio of Colorants for Cosmetic Applications


Pigment Finder: Explore Our Portfolio of Colorants for Cosmetic Applications. You can also learn more about color materials for the cosmetics market on our cosmetics homepage.


This video will explain how you can explore our color materials portfolio. Using Pigment Finder, you can filter by color, substrate, chemistry, performance requirement or application.


Register for a verified account on Pigment Finder and get access to side-by-side product comparison, product data, certifications, as well as our latest presentations! This video shows how.

Learn more about our SunPURO® Natural colorants for beauty.

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