SunTronic™ SOLSYS

SunTronic™ Solsys materials are a range of products designed for use in thin film photovoltaic processes and designs including: CIGS, CdTe, OPV, DSSC, HIT, OPV and DSC.

Our SunTronic™ Solsys product line includes:

  • Screen printable silver and graphite conductive inks
  • Ink jettable nano silver inks
  • Insulators and dielectrics (UV and thermal cure products)

Key attributes & benefits:

Conductive Inks

  • High conductivity
  • Low sheet resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to ITO and CTO
  • Exceptional printing resolution
  • Low curing temperature

Solsys Insulators & Dielectrics

  • Good adhesion to TCO and other surfaces
  • Suitable for overprinting of silver pastes
  • Excellent printability and print resolution