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Technical Library From US Ink

Unsharp Masking – How to Make Your Images Pop!

Printing UV Inks on Coldset Webpresses
A comprehensive overview.

Press Doctor

What causes Ink Misting?

Value Added Printing Of Newspapers

Print City: Value Added Of Newspapers Can Pump Up
Bottom Line

UV Drying Gaining Traction Among Printers

A ‘Common Language’ For Color Ads

Quality Can Be A SNAP

Taking The Cure

New York Times Moves to High-Strength Ink

Estimating Ink Mileage

Calgary Herald Goes Stochastic

Mexico City’s El Universal Boosts Color, Quality.

At US Ink, Realcolor Drawing Real Raves.

The Safety of Newsinks

Best Practices of Web Offset Printers

Inks On The Horizon

Customizing Photoshop 6

Cost Savings

How Is A Newspaper Printed?

An Introductory Guide To Rheology

Direct Printing Basics

Lithographic Plate Basics

How Is A Color Photograph Reproduced?

Customizing Photoshop For Coldset Printing Process

High Strength Inks

Understanding The Importance Of Gray Balance

Understanding The Importance Of Gray Balance (ES)

Water Quality For Fountain Solutions

Introduction To ISO

Describing Color

UCR And GCR What Are They?

Print Quality Assessment

How Is Ink Manufactured?

The Role Of The Blanket In Offset Printing

What Is Ink & Water Balance?

How Does A Densitometer Work?

How Does A Densitometer Work? (ES)

Previous Company Brochure

Factors Affecting Rub Off

The Effect Of Temperature On Printing Performance

How To Interpret The IT8 Target Results From The
NAA/IFRA Color Quality Contest

What Is Color Gamut?

What Is Scumming?

Gray Bar Basics

Plate Related Problems Guidelines

The History Of Printing

Understanding Color

What Is Dot Gain?

What Is Dot Gain? (ES)

What Is Ink?

How Is News Ink Quality Controlled?

Procedures & Practices For Flexo News Inks


PH & Conductivity

PH & Conductivity (ES)

The Importance Of Press Maintenance

“The Dry Color Claim”