Seasons Change; Color Remains

Cosmetic trends are everchanging, but color is constant. Color has the unique ability to elicit emotional connections and encourage creative self-expression. Color is a powerful tool for harnessing inclusivity and celebrating diversity.

Beauty is colorful. We are the color experts. Together, we support your colorful journey with timeless color combinations, inspiring formulations, and the most comprehensive pigment portfolio in the industry to bring your beauty formulations to life.

Color stories and palettes are created for Sun Chemical by Color and Material Designer, Alice Le Méhauté.

Our Latest Cosmetic Color Story


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Purple Palettes

Violet Festival

A modern and playful palette showcases a balance between a light and whimsical violet and a rich reddish-purple. Grounded in warm colors with touches of cool blues, crafting a palette worthy of celebration.


Ultraviolet Sensation

Magnetic violets emulate the effects of dichroic materials, changing with the interaction of light and matter. This palette is grounded in an elusive purple encompassing the essence of digital and electronic waves.


Lila Land

Inspired by the concept of urban gardening, colors are taken from vegetables and minerals, highlighting the push towards natural ingredients modernized with deep and sultry colors.


Purple Pigments


INTENZA® Purple Reign C91-4241

Vibrant absorption effect pigment, delivering an intense purple color and shimmering effect. The synthetic mica substrate is coated in D&C Red 6 and FD&C Blue 1.


Flamenco® Summit Indigo I80H

Blue-violet interference effect pigment based on 100% USA natural mica. This multi-layer technology delivers high-chroma color on the flash angle.


SunSHINE® Wildflower C83-4232

An absorption effect pigment delivering a clean, soft violet based on synthetic mica.


Reflecks™ MultiDimensions Varying Violet G580D

Interference color travel effect pigment based on glass flake that delivers dazzling sparkle and dynamic color that changes based on the viewing angle.

More Violets: Peri Pretty

More Color Volumes


Volume: Reds

Red is associated with emotion and increases energy. This flamboyant color gives confidence and is often considered a symbol of seduction, excitement and passion.


Volume: Oranges

From apricot to coral and from vermillion to ginger, orange is a color that attracts attention without aggression. It inspires creativity, optimism and openness.


Volume: Pastels

Pastels remind us of spring and summer activities and fresh flowers. They are soft and delicate shades of blues, greens, pinks, yellows and purples.


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