Peri Pretty

Inspired by the 2022 Color of the Year.


Shimmering Peri Indigo

Flamenco® Summit Indigo I80H: A high-chroma interference effect pigment based on 100% USA mica gives an intense flash of indigo color elevating Very Peri nail enamels to the next level with a subtle shimmer.


Sparkling Peri Ice

C83-3402 SunSHINE® Ice Violet: A violet metallic-like effect pigment with a contrasting green flash pushes Very Peri nail enamel into a duo chrome-like space while enriching the color with sparkling effects. 


Varying Peri Violet

Reflecks™ MD Varying Violet G580D: A unique high-chroma color travel effect on borosilicate takes Very Peri to another dimension with unique color shifts in the violet space and intense glittering effects.


Peri Pretty Pressed Powder

A whimsical pressed powder palette embracing the harmony of red, blue, and violet for an inspirational statement look. Get the formula.

Fizzy Blueberry Bubbly Eye Gloss

A modern gloss with injected turquoise and Very Peri inspired bubble-like pearls delivering a joyous and playful formula. A hybrid formula, it can be used across the eyelid, cheekbone and lips leaving a wet-look finish. Get the formula.

Twilight Sky Pressed Pigment Pot Eyeshadow

A soft-touch pigment pot with a foil-like finish. Get pops of Very Peri with Flamenco® Summit Indigo complemented with dynamic color travel metallic effects. Pearls of reflective sparkle and chroma delivering high payoff for eyes and cheeks. Get the formula.


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