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Volume 3: Fall 2022


C-Beauty CHUNYU (纯欲) Style

Sweet and mysteriously charming, natural yet expressive, ChunYu is not limited to one or the other. The ChunYu style captures the essence and strength of girl power


J-Beauty EMOI (エモい) 80’s Colors

EMOI describes the nostalgic and emotional elements added to beauty products and campaigns to satisfy the need for escapism and belonging


K-Beauty 꾸안꾸 (Ku-An-Ku )

It’s casual, but not too casual. It’s also stylish. Makeup that is both natural and slightly unique is in fashion

From Bold Effects to Light and Natural Finishes, Explore These Featured Product Lines for Each Trending Concept


Flamenco® Platinum 13CD

A bold and excellent option for gender neutral styles. Based on exclusive, innovative built-in D&C Black 2 technology, this natural mica-based effect pigment offers a pure black background for rich, silver metallic effects.


Natural Wax Dispersions

Organic and inorganic pigments are dispersed in 100% vegetable-derived emollients – hydrogenated rapeseed oil and heptyl undecylenate – for ease of use and processing, providing a light, luxurious feel to finished cosmetic products.


SunPURO® Oxides

Sustainability meets high quality. Our selection of high-purity iron oxides are made in the USA with upcycled feedstocks and offer a low heavy metal profile. Ideal for facial cosmetics and hybrid products.


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