What's IN Asia Trends

Inspirations from Asia-Pacific

Volume 4: Summer 2023 Trending Concepts


C-Beauty Tropical Energy

Explore the unknown under the sun, with inspired beauty trends and claims from southeast Asia


J-Beauty ‘City-Pop’

From fashion to beauty, City Pop music from the late 1970s-80s re-emerges and brings back vintage looks with selected colors and shades


K-Beauty ‘NEWTRO’

‘NEW’: Innovative formats and textures
‘TRO’: Makeup and fashion trends inspired by retro styles of the new millennium

Featured Products by Trend

Natural finishes and ingredients are the key words in this season, from nature mica effect pigments to plant derived colorants. Explore these featured products for each trending concept.


Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry F90H

Vibrantly vegan pink based on 100% natural mica ethically and sustainably sourced from the United States, delivering bold blue-red color without the use of carmine or organic colorants. High stability means no staining, fading, or bleeding.


Flamenco® Summit Orange O80D

A clean, bright orange interference effect pigment based on 100% natural mica ethically and sustainably sourced from the United States. A universal orange for all, create warm shades with glowing radiance and shimmer across various skin tones.


SunPURO® Natural Annatto

Responsibly sourced annatto seeds that improves the naturality of beauty formulas includes high norbixin content for easy formulation and strong color. Available in oil dispersion and water dispersed formats.



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