Bio-based Lithographic Ink Family for Board or Paper Printing

The SunPak ink series offers versatile and productive conventional offset inks and addresses the needs of the folding-carton market with patented technology suitable for paper or board printing applications.

The ink series offers some important benefits:

  • Based on renewable bio-based materials
  • Award-winning migration compliant inks available
  • Low odor/low VOCs

Designed to work on most folding carton-type sheetfed presses including standard, high-speed and wide-format, the SunPak ink series addresses the needs of paper and board printers with high quality and sustainable output. A variety of products in the range include:

SunPak LMQ

SunPak LMQ is a low migration ink that addresses the risk brand owners face in packaging, where compounds from materials in the packaging structure can migrate into the food product or the surrounding environment. SunPak LMQ inks exhibit very low odor, off-flavor and migration levels, and offer a comprehensive solution to brand owners and converters who are looking for ways to address migration concerns for food, pharmaceutical and tobacco applications.

SunPak Organic

Comprising only raw materials that have been approved for use as food ingredients, this series of sheetfed offset inks is ideal for use by folding carton converters to print on the inside of food packaging where direct food contact is an option. By using SunPak Organic, converters can remove plastic barriers inside a box of chocolate or biscuits, for example, and still print on the inside of the box.

SunPak FSP

SunPak FSP offset inks for food packaging are based on renewable bio-based materials and have achieved a new standard in eco-friendliness through a combination of compliance and sustainability. The ink set is fully compliant with all existing food packaging legislation worldwide and has been independently tested by Beta Analytic, the world leader in carbon-14 measurements, to prove the high level of its environmental sustainability.

SunPak and Sustainability

SunPak inks are examples of products that Sun Chemical showcased in its Guide to Sustainable Packaging which shows Sun Chemical’s commitment to developing sustainable solutions that contribute to the circular economy. It also serves as a good example of how Sun Chemical is aligning its sustainability goals with those of the United Nations in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.



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