SunLase™ Laser Marking Coatings

Revolutionizing the Packaging Industry with State-of-the-Art Laser Marking Coatings

In the ever-evolving landscape of packaging, the key to success lies in the application and execution. Our advanced laser marking coatings – a game-changer designed to revolutionize the way packaging applications are approached. Our solution is not just sophisticated; it is smart and simple, perfectly tailored for the demands of variable code marking.

Sun Chemical laser marking technology non-ablative SunLase, and ablative laser lacquers offer digital on-demand last stage differentiation including for high quality codes, alphanumeric and graphics, both for primary and secondary packaging.

Elevating Packaging with Unparalleled Laser Precision:


Seamless Variable-Data Coding

Our coatings are not just coatings; they are your gateway to effortlessly applying variable-data codes directly onto packages. Using a low-energy, high-precision laser, we ensure that every essential detail, from batch numbers to expiration dates, is imprinted with unmatched clarity and accuracy.


Superior Image Quality with SunLase

Leveraging the revolutionary DataLase LTD Pigment, our coatings deliver strikingly clear, high-definition images on SunLase patches. This is not just marking; it is an enhancement of your product’s aesthetic, ensuring each mark is a testament to clarity and detail.


Effective Application

We are redefining the coding process. Move away from traditional, harsh methods and embrace our laser marking coatings. They are easy on your materials but tough on precision, maintaining the integrity of your packaging while delivering flawless coding.

Unrivaled Benefits for Your Business


Versatility at Its Core

Our coatings do not discriminate – be it plastic, paper, or metal, they adapt to suit a myriad of packaging materials, ensuring versatility is at the heart of your operation.


Eco-Conscious and Safe

With our laser marking process, step into a greener future. Less reliance on inks and solvents means a significant reduction in waste, making this a win for both your business and the environment.


Streamlining Your Production Line

Boost your operational efficiency with a marking process that is not just fast and clean, but seamlessly integrates into your existing packaging systems.

Ready to propel your packaging process into a new realm of efficiency and sophistication?

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