SunVisto® Water-based Inks for Folding Carton/Paper

Water-based Inks for Paper or Board Flexographic Printing

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Embrace the future of flexographic printing with Sun Chemical’s SunVisto ink series – a game-changer in the realm of water-based inks. Designed for unmatched versatility, SunVisto inks are your go-to solution for a wide array of substrates. Whether you’re working with kraft, bleached, white-top, or clay-coated materials, these inks rise to the challenge, delivering unparalleled excellence in every print.

At the heart of SunVisto inks lies a commitment to innovation and efficiency. Experience extended press runs without the need for constant adjustments, ensuring your workflow is as smooth as your prints. Cleanup becomes a breeze, saving you valuable time, while the resolubility of these inks speaks to their user-friendly nature.

But that’s not all. SunVisto inks stand out for their exceptional resistance to water, scuff, and rubbing, ensuring your prints remain pristine and professional under all conditions. Whether tackling high-volume production or detailed, intricate print jobs, you can count on SunVisto inks for consistent quality and reliability.

SunVisto® AquaGreen™

Sun Chemical’s SunVisto AquaGreen water-based inks are formulated with significantly higher levels of bio-renewable resin content compared to other previous market offerings from Sun Chemical.

Designed with patented technology based on naturally derived and biorenewable materials, SunVisto AquaGreen inks deliver the required critical performance attributes needed across a range of paper packaging applications.

AquaGreen inks can utilize current colorants to enable ease of implementation, and do not compromise end-use or on-press performance or cost in use. They also offer outstanding print fidelity and ink resolubility on press, quick setting for in-line converting, and high levels of resistance properties to rub, abrasion, water and grease.


Explore Ways to Make Your Packaging Biorenewable

Learn more about our SunVisto AquaGreen water-based inks which have significantly higher levels of biorenewable naturally derived resin content.

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