Mighty Magenta

Inspired by the 2023 Color of the Year.

Woman-Turban-Magenta-CosmeticsBeauty is Colorful. We are the Color Experts.

Welcoming the Rebirth of Reds with a Mighty Magenta

Beauty’s resiliency is brought to light with confident red lips revealed. Warm reds that blend into cool blues ignites new spectrums of mighty magentas and fearless fuchsias. Resonating with life, strength, and drive, magenta is a passionate statement color that invites us to be daring and authentic.

Our expansive portfolio of pigments can be used to match or reimagine Viva Magenta in new ways. Use the year’s spirited color to create formulas with mighty magentas that celebrate unrestrained creativity in beauty.



A Match Made in Magenta

Start the year with a statement magenta. Quality pigments provides a strong base to create a true Viva Magenta match. Get the formula.

Viva Magenta Lip Matte

For a luxe lip finish, blend the following pigments:

C19-003 SunCROMA® D&C Red 7 Ca Lake

C47-060 SunCROMA® Titanium Dioxide

Mearlmica® FF


When color meets sparkle, the possibilities are endless.  Add effect pigments to create finishes from shimmering to captivating color travel.

Shimmering Magenta Summit

Flamenco® Summit Magenta M80H: An interference effect pigment based on 100% USA mica offering a high chroma magenta flash to Viva Magenta with soft shimmer.

Sparkling Magenta Raspberry

Cloisonne® Vibrant Raspberry F90H: A metallic effect pigment based on 100% USA mica offering sparkling effects with rich fuchsia color.

Changing Magenta Cherry

Reflecks MD Changing Cherry G480D: A color travel effect pigment on borosilicate offering dynamic color shifts from red to green with glittering effects.

Magenta Empowers Us to Try New Shades with a Modern Punch of Color


Learn more about Mighty Magenta pigments.

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