SunJet DIC Inkjet Solutions

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The PerSona product range has been especially designed by SunJet to offer solutions to the mailing, addressing, personalisation and card printing market. Through its expertise, SunJet has formulated a variety of ink technologies suitable for use in printers employing Piezo Drop-on-Demand, Thermal and Continuous Binary print heads.

SunJet has well established formulations with rigorous and consistent manufacturing control systems to ensure trouble free running. The inks are designed to produce sharp and crisp images on a wide range of substrates making them suitable for bar coding and other high-resolution printing.

Functional requirements Ink Type Product Family
Piezo DOD Inks
For Porous (uncoated) substrates Oil based PSO
Coated and uncoated paper substrates Solvent Based PSM
Coated and Uncoated paper substrates & plastic PSS
Coated paper and plastic UV curing PSU
Coated and uncoated paper substrates Water based PSY
Thermal Inkjet Ink
For Porous (uncoated) substrates Water Based PSW
Continuous Inkjet (Binary) Inks
Coated and Uncoated paper substrates & plastic Solvent based PSA