SunJet DIC Inkjet Solutions

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The JetStream product range has been especially designed by SunJet to offer solutions to the coding and marking printing market. Through its expertise, SunJet has formulated a variety of ink technologies suitable for use in printers employing Continuous InkJet, Piezo and Valve Drop-on-Demand print heads.

SunJet has well established formulations with rigorous and consistent manufacturing control systems to ensure trouble free running. The JetStream ink range includes a diverse selection of ink technologies.

Primary Functional RequirementsInk TypeProduct Family
General purpose inks CIJ coding and marking inksSolvent basedGP
Vinyl Jet ink for coding and markingVMK
Vinyl Jet pigmented ink for outstanding contrast in coding and markingVMKH
Vinyl dye based Jet ink for coding and markingVMD
CIJ inks for Polyolefin substratesPMS
CIJ temporary marking inksTMS
Steam sterilisable CIJ inksSSE
Fluorescent readable marking inksFRS/FRK
Jet ink for glass markingGMK
UV curing CIJ inksHybridUVK
Oil based ink for coding and markingOil basedPCO
Solvent based inks for coding and markingSolvent basedPCS
UV LED curing inks for coding and markingUVPCU
White DOD solvent based ink for coding and markingPCW
Coding and marking inks for valve jet printersWater or solvent basedLC