SunJet DIC Inkjet Solutions

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The Crystal product range encompasses the sign & graphics printing market for both roll fed and sheet fed inkjet printers. The wide variety of machines and substrates in operation today has resulted in the most extensive range of customised ink technologies.

All products have been optimised for reliability in the OEM machines, customised for the application and are designed to balance superior:

  • Adhesion
  • Flexibility
  • Surface resistance
  • Weatherability

Pigments used are lightfast with a Blue Wool Scale rating of 7+ and provide the highest level of outdoor durability.

Specific ink formulations have been developed for almost every application and every print head currently available.

Primary Functional RequirementsInk TypeProduct Family
Flexible UV inkUVUFE
High resistance and surface hardness for rigid mediaUVUDG
High adhesion UV ink for outdoor useUVURG
Highly flexible, low odour inksUVURR
High opacity white inkUVURW
UV LED cured inksUVLED
Inks for paper and board applicationsUVUPB
Oil basedOPB
Thermoforming ink delivering up to 500% elongationUVUTF
Inks for vehicle graphicsUVUVG
Effect varnishUVUVV
Solvent based outdoor display graphicsSolventSV
Adhesion enhancement primersAEP
Glass adhesion primerAEP-G