SunJet DIC Inkjet Solutions

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The SunWrite series of inks have been developed to serve the needs of Publication, Commercial printing and Transpromotional applications.

SunWrite inks have been carefully designed taking into account the application and operating conditions by offering a good balance between open time and dry time. This minimises the potential for machine down time whilst exceeding specific end film requirements.

These inks are based on lightfast pigment for high quality output requirements demanding durable, light-fast and water-fast prints on a wide range of paper stock, including:

  • Porous Paper
  • Semi Porous Paper
  • Coated Paper
Primary Functional RequirementInk TypeProduct Family
Standard Density for Porous PaperAqueousAPY
High Optical Density for Porous PaperAqueousAPY HD
High Optical Density for Semi Porous PaperAqueousAPY FD
High Optical Density for Coated PaperAqueousACY