Pigment Preparations

Providing sustainable, environmental, social, and economic advantages.

Sun Chemical’s Pigment Preparations Improve Efficiency; Offer Engineering and Sustainability Advantages

Pigment preparations are colorant solutions that are fully dispersed, free-flowing, and easy to meter. They are the more efficient way to color when compared to their powder counterparts.

With advantages such as shorter change-over times, easier cleaning for production lines, and significant reduction in reworking production batches, it’s no wonder they are gaining a lot of momentum as we engineer new color solutions.

Smart Solution for Sustainable Black Plastics

Pigment Preparations for Plastics

Main Challenges


  • Cost pressure
  • Increasing processing speed
  • Mitigate risks and optimize return on invested capital (ROIC)


  • Changing compliance requirements
  • Need for circularity and recycling
  • Waste reduction

Social Responsibility

  • Health and safety
  • Skilled workforce

Pigment Preparations Provide Sustainability Solutions in Three Dimensions


  • Intense chroma, strength and transparency
  • Improved efficiency results in better TCO
  • Save resources on quality control testing
  • Get it right the first time, optimize use of working capital


  • Reduce risk of contamination
  • Cleaner filters with reduced build-up
  • Improve working conditions with low dust
  • Minimize waste and energy from reworking production

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  • Easy to replicate from lab to production
  • Reduce development time overall
  • Reliable production motivates staff
  • Improved working conditions support safety measures

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