Flexible Circuits

Inks for Flexible Circuits and Interconnects

Polymer thick film inks found commercial success in additive manufacturing of flexible circuits for keyboard, membrane switches and capacitive switches and various interconnects. The push for better cost effectiveness, higher density and complexity of flexible circuits and more environmentally friendly inks and processes, give rise to innovative ink technologies hitting the market.


SunTronic silver conductive inks offer cost-performance balance to meet even the most cost sensitive projects

  • Screen printable thermally cured conductive inks and UV or UV-LED curable PTF dielectrics
  • Silver and carbon based conductive inks with a wide range of conductivities are available
  • Elastic silver, carbon and dielectric package for stretchable circuits and sensors
  • Fine line printable and highly conductive silver inks capable to print transparent metal mesh, or denser and complex flexible circuitry
  • Silver inks compatible with current surface mount technologies – electrically conductive adhesives as well as low temperature solder pastes
  • Optically transparent clears for passivation and environmental protection of transparent switch and backlighting applications
  • Inkjet printable conductive nanosilver ink and dielectrics inks for digital printing


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