Printed Antenna

Inks for Antenna Applications

With the expanding wireless network system capabilities and the expectations of connectivity everywhere, antenna integration is on a rise. SunTronic products for antenna applications can conform to a wide range of processes, from etch and plating resists for subtractive process to fully additive processes, including high speed roll-to-roll and inkjet printing.

Printed RFID antenna is already used in many devices, including smart cards for payment, transportation or access control, smart supply chains and logistics. It can also be used as a part of various sensors systems for tracking the goods during the manufacture, transportation, storage and even the use. Printed antenna for mobile devices and interconnects on 3D surfaces is also finding its way to market and offers a lower cost alternative to laser direct structuring.


Key Features of Our Offerings for Printed Antenna

  • High conductivity silver inks with sharp definition and low roughness
  • Inks for screen printing, flexography, pad printing, inkjet printing and dispensing are available
  • Compatibility with various substrates, including PET, PC, PVC, acrylics, label papers and others
  • Inks with excellent adhesion to copper and aluminum traces for hybrid tags and RFID enabled circuits and sensors
  • UV and UV-LED dielectrics for crossovers and bridge insulation
  • Release inks for tamper-proof tags


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