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SunMatch: Color-Matching and -Validating Software Platform

Sun Chemical’s web-enabled, color-matching platform, SunMatch, provides converters with an objective and consistently accurate ink formulation capability. SunMatch gives access to a best-in-class, color-matching software, which is hosted on the Sun Chemical network, so you don’t need to invest in the full suite.

Depending on your individual production specification, you can then predict and confirm that an ink formulation is correct before sending it to the press. This minimizes any downtime on press for color correction, which, in turn, greatly improves productivity and reduces waste and approval time for new jobs.

Many printing facilities, especially the larger ones, now have an ink kitchen with a stock of all ink bases on site, where colors can be matched immediately on demand, the ink formulated and then sent directly to the press without the need for an external supply from an ink vendor.

What’s more, the big multinational converting groups need to be flexible enough to move their production around, but to do that, they have to know that that every site is printing to the same standard to deliver a consistent product to their customers.

SunMatch can help you manage press returns—ink that is left over from previous production jobs, sent back and just left on the shelf. The software can measure the quantity of the return from the press and gradually include that in new formulations, thereby using up the redundant or slow-moving stock sitting on the shelf. SunMatch therefore enables you to make use of all the inks available, so it’s not always necessary to make up fresh ink, saving both cost and space.

The SunMatch platform offers you many other additional benefits. Hosting your digital palette of colors in a central location means that ink kitchens at other sites within your group can instantly access the same digital color target data and formulate to one point of reference.

This gives you the flexibility to centrally manage your digital color palette, while moving production around and still being confident that the end result will be consistently the same. As Sun Chemical hosts SunMatch, there is also no need for you to develop your own costly IT infrastructure to support a similar global solution, nor is there any requirement to purchase upgrades, as Sun Chemical also keeps the software fully up to date.

SunMatch Solution

Sun Chemical strives to enable customers with the best in class technology, which has resulted in the SunMatch solution for onsite ink formulation. In the North American market, many printers/converters have their own ink kitchen on site run by Sun Chemical employees for matching and supplying ink directly to press. As a result, the online SunMatch system has been implemented at these sites using standard processes and procedures to assist the color matching process and ensure ink sent to press is optimized for the local print conditions. This solution has been implemented at over 50 customers in North America and resulted in less down time on press for color adjustment, reduction in waste, improved productivity, etc.

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