Functional Products

Remove Gasses and Bubbles from Liquids with SEPAREL® Hollow-Fiber Membrane Degassing Modules

DIC Corporation’s SEPAREL® membrane degassing modules remove dissolved gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, from liquids. Passing fluid through a membrane of bundled hollow fibers dissolves impurities such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and other material, thereby increasing the purity.

Principal applications include ultrapure water production, electronic components, ink systems, film and coating, medical and analytical devices and anti-static to name a few. Applications for these modules also include solvents.

The SEPAREL Difference

  • Flexibility: Customize your SEPAREL module to fit your degasification needs
  • Technical Support: Over 30 years of membrane degassing experience enables us to provide excellent technical development and troubleshooting support
  • Excellent Quality: Our well-trained staff inspects every unit to ensure highest quality
  • Stable Supply: We use the combined DIC and Sun Chemical supply chain to achieve ultimate product continuity

See below for a sampling of our broad range of degasification solutions for each of these applications.