Fastogen® Super for Architectural

A high performance line of DIC brand pigments in a variety of red, violet and magenta shades suitable for architectural coatings.

Fastogen Super is a high performance DIC brand pigment line that offer bright color in a variety of red, violet and magenta shades. They provide excellent strength, durability and fastness to enrich both your interior and exterior architectural formulas. The diverse Fastogen Super product line provides a wide range of properties to support your decorative or functional needs.

Key attributes & features:

  • Wide range of red, magentas and violets
  • High color value
  • High purity
  • Opaque grades for added hiding power
  • Excellent light and weather fastness
Name: Fastogen Super Magenta RTS
Description: Especially for colorants
Legacy Code: 228MRTS
*Europe Only
Name: Fastogen Super Violet RNS
Description: Ecnomic grade
Legacy Code: 246VRNS
Name: Fastogen Blue GP100
Description: General purpose, non flocculating
Legacy Code: 248P100
*Europe Only
Name: Fastogen Blue CA5380
Description: General purpose
Legacy Code: 249A80C