Color Materials

Color Materials

  • Reflecks™ MD Midnight

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  • RJA Disperions Isopar (R) M

    D1400 series are dispersions in Isopar (R) M (CAS Number 64742-47-8, EC Number 649-422-00-2), resin free, for applications needing dispersions in hydrocarbons.

  • RJA Dispersions 2PEA

    D3000 series are dispersions in 2-PEA for uv-curable systems.

  • RJA Dispersions DPGDA

    D3500 series are dispersions in dipropylene glycol diacrylate (DPGDA), CAS number 57472-68-1.

  • RJA Dispersions EB Acetate

    D1000 series are dispersions in EB Acetate (CAS Number 112-07-2, EC Number 203-905-0), resin free, for solvent-based inks and coatings.

  • RJA Dispersions Ethyl Diglyme

    D1500 series are dispersions in ethyl diglyme (CAS Number 111-96-6, EC Number 203-924-4), resin free.

  • RJA Dispersions HDODA

    D3100 series are dispersions in HDODA for uv-curable systems.

  • RJA Dispersions IBOA

    D3300 series are dispersions in IBOA for uv-curable systems.

  • RJA Dispersions PM Acetate

    D1100 series are dispersions in PM Acetate (CAS Number 108-65-6, EC Number 203-603-9), resin free, for solvent-based inks and coatings.

  • RJA Dispersions PONPGDA

    D3400 series are dispersions in PONPGDA (CAS Number 84170-74-1) for uv-curable systems.

  • RJA Dispersions TPGDA

    D3200 series are dispersions in TPGDA (CAS Number 42978-66-5) for uv-curable systems.

  • Silane Surface Treated Pigments

    Silane Surface Treatment

    Sun Chemical’s silane surface treated pigments for cosmetics provide the creamy texture and long wear properties of all skin tones and are perfect for formulating long wear foundations and pressed powders.

  • Soft-Tex for Cosmetics

    Soft-Tex® pigments provide exceptional dispersion solutions for cosmetic applications that lead to a finished product that is homogeneous with high batch-to-batch consistency.

  • Solar Heat Management Pigments

  • spectraflex header

    SpectraFLEX Illusion

    SpectraFlex Illusion diminishes the look of fine lines and other imperfections with unique light diffusing technology. Its soft skin feel provides excellent sensory enhancement to cosmetic and personal care formulations.