Regulatory Compliance

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Addressing Environmental Challenges with Expertise and Innovation

In a world grappling with serious environmental challenges, Sun Chemical stands at the forefront of promoting sustainability. Recognized for our leadership in regulatory compliance, we’re dedicated to helping brands navigate the complexities of global regulations, ensuring both consumer safety and environmental protection.

Our Commitment: Beyond Compliance to Sustainability

At Sun Chemical, we believe in proactive measure; not just meeting standards but setting them. Our significant investment in research and development underlines this commitment. By adopting a balanced scorecard approach for supplier evaluation, we focus on reducing environmental footprints, promoting responsible sourcing, and upholding strict safety standards.


Engaging with Industry Leaders for a Sustainable Future

Collaboration is key to our success. We actively partner with organizations like EcoVadis, the Responsible Mica Initiative, and the Sustainable Palm Oil Organization. These alliances ensure that our supply chain reflects our dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices.


Current-Past-Regulatory-Newsletter-CoversStay Informed with Our Regulatory Newsletters

Navigating regulatory updates can be daunting. That’s why we offer our customers Sun Chemical’s regulatory newsletters – a free, valuable resource to keep you abreast of the latest global regulatory changes. These newsletters cover a wide range of standards, including:

  • International safety standards like ASTM F963 and ISO 8124-5:2015
  • Regional and national regulations from the EU, U.S., China, Japan, and more
  • Specific industry guidelines for food packaging, cosmetics, and toys


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Latest Autumn 2023 Newsletter Highlights:

  • European Food Safety Authority’s Assessment of Bisphenol A: The newsletter highlights the final assessment of bisphenol A by the European Food Safety Authority, focusing on its impact on food contact materials in packaging.
  • Restrictions on Perfluoroalkyl Chemicals: Specific restrictions are detailed on perfluoroalkyl chemicals, comparing regulations in Europe and the United States.
  • EU General Court’s Ruling on Titanium Dioxide: The newsletter discusses the implications of the European Union General Court’s ruling on titanium dioxide, particularly how it affects the Classification, Labeling, and Packaging (CLP) regulation.

Sun Chemical: Your Ally in Meeting Global Packaging Standards

Providing You with a Guide to Food Safety Compliance

In the intricate world of product packaging, where time-to-market pressures, consumer appeal, and customization reign supreme, there’s one aspect that overshadows them all: Food Safety Compliance. At Sun Chemical, we understand that as a brand owner, the safety and compliance of your packaging are paramount. With regulations tightening globally and the demand for low migration solutions escalating, navigating these waters can be overwhelming.

Our comprehensive guide on Energy Curable Ink Solutions provides a roadmap in a sea of complexity. This guide illuminates the path to compliance, safety, and excellence in packaging design.


Sensitive Packaging Compliance

We’re not just ink suppliers; we’re pioneers in regulatory compliance, ensuring your packaging adheres to the strictest global standards.

berry-o's-cereal-being poured-into-bowl

Migration Compliant Printing Inks

Whether it’s UV, EB, flexo, or LED inks, our diverse portfolio is designed to address every printing process, keeping brand owners and consumers safe.


Direct Food Contact Inks and Coatings

Understand how different foodstuffs dictate packaging requirements and how our inks rise to meet these specific needs.


Elevated Temperature Packaging

Backed by extensive R&D, our energy curable inks are crafted to meet your unique needs, like elevated temperature packaging, providing unmatched pressroom performance.

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