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Sun Chemical, along with our parent company, the DIC Corporation, offer more than 200 years of expertise in color solutions to various market segments and more than 50 years of expertise in synthetic and natural colors. We are continuously expanding our portfolio for food and beverage, dietary supplement and pet food applications.

Driven by the passion to deliver high-quality, innovative and ever more sustainable solutions, our global experts in regulatory, product development, technical service and sales team are here to help you meet consumers’ color and nutrition needs.

A Replacement for FD&C Red 3

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SUNFOODS™ Natural Colors

Inspired by the array of natural resources around us, we challenge ourselves to innovate natural colorants for foods that cover the entire color space. SUNFOODS Natural Colorants can be used to replace carotenoids, anthocyanins or TiO2.


LINABLUE® Spirulina Extract

As a pioneer in the extraction of colorants from spirulina algae, Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC Corporation, are recognized global leaders in supplying you with the natural blue colorant.


SUNFOODS™ Iron Oxides

Are your customers looking for performance, purity and color stability? We have a range of solutions for you. From nature identical iron oxides to FD&C colors, you can trust us in providing the most relevant solutions for you.


California Grown Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is an ideal supplement for a balanced diet. Known as “The King of Superfoods,” spirulina contains over 50 healthy nutrients, such as dietary fiber, polysaccharides and more.

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