• DAITAC for Electronics

    DIC’s DAITAC pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are optimized for manufacturing smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and other consumer electronics.

  • DEFENSA TR for Electronics

    DIC’s DEFENSA TR solventborne fluorinated surface coatings give rubber in electrical components both excellent durability as well as adhesiveness.

  • DIC.PPS For Electronics

    Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) from the DIC Corporation is optimized for producing components in household electronics.

  • EPICLON® For Electronics

    DIC's EPICLON® epoxy resins and hardeners for insulation in electronics exhibit anti-corrosion properties and high bonding strength.

  • FINETAC for Electronics

    DIC’s FINETAC series features solventless UV-curable adhesives for electrical applications, such as touchscreens, protective films and laminates.

  • HYDRAN for Electronics

    DIC’s HYDRAN polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) imbue coatings for electronics with outstanding light and abrasion resistance as well as flexibility.

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    In-Mold Electronic Materials (IME)

    With Sun Chemical’s IME electronic inks, you can integrate touch switches and lighting into IMD/FIM applications using the best-in-class electronic materials.

  • Liquid Crystal for Electrical/Electronics

    DIC’s Liquid Crystal materials are photo-alignment agents which exhibit outstanding functionality and adhesion properties in glass and plastic coatings.

  • MEGAFACE RS for Electronics

    DIC’s MEGAFACE RS fluorinated additives imbue electronics with water, oil and fingerprint resistance.

  • Optical Media Disc Coatings and Hardcoats for Electrical/Electronics

    Sun Chemical’s range of coatings and hardcoats for optical media discs deliver durability, beauty and flexibility.

  • PHENOLITE for Electronics

    DIC’s PHENOLITE novolac phenol resins serve as epoxy resin curing agents which imbue electrical laminates with outstanding anti-corrosion properties.

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    SunSens® Electronic Materials for Sensors

    SunSens® tailor-made conductive inks and materials are used for biosensors, biomedical sensors, electronic materials, oxygen sensors, microcircuits, and printed circuit boards.

  • UV-Curable Acrylate Resins for Electronics

    DIC’s UV-curable urethane acrylate resins for soft and hardcoat coatings on electronics exhibit best-in-class hardness, flexibility and viscosity.

  • WATERSOL for Electronics

    DIC’s WATERSOL waterborne resins imbue coatings for electronics with excellent mechanical stability and are capable of milling and spray coating.