Introducing SunVisto® Anilox Renew and Power Scrub

SunVisto® Anilox Renew and Power Scrub

Now you can improve your pressroom performance with the combined suite of products from Sun Chemical designed to clean your pressroom and provide these added benefits :

  • Ease of use
  • Low VOC’s
  • No corrosive materials
  • Little to no scrubbing needed

SunVisto Anilox Renew and Power Scrub when used together for regular maintenance and daily cleaning can keep your pressroom running smoothly…and are available from Sun Chemical which brings you from concept to shelf with pre-press, color management, plates, inks, coatings and consumables – all from a single source.

Clean Your Pressroom SunVisto Anilox and Renew from Sun ChemicalClick on the video above to view how these products can work in your pressroom. Want to learn more or start a risk-free trial – contact us today!

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