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Ink and Coating Solutions for Folding Carton Printers

Discover how our unique portfolio of inks, coatings, consumables and color management are revolutionizing the folding carton printing industry and doing so in a sustainable way.


Solutions for Folding Carton: Inside and Outside

Whatever your requirements, Sun Chemical’s SunPak® DirectFood Plus inks have your folding carton covered – inside and out, with the most sustainable product solutions available for sheetfed offset inks and coatings.


Low Migration Sheetfed Ink Solutions for Paper and Board

Learn how our migration-compliant C2C Platinum-certified SunPak FSP EcoPace inks come with strong sustainability credentials and support optimal high-speed printing productivity.


Coatings Specially Formulated for Folding Carton Printing

Sun Chemical offers a full lineup of coatings that can enhance packaging, enable sustainability, engage the senses, increase functionality, and create impact.

Sun Chemical: Your Ally in Meeting Global Packaging Standards

Providing You with a Guide to Food Safety Compliance

In the intricate world of product packaging, where time-to-market pressures, consumer appeal, and customization reign supreme, there’s one aspect that overshadows them all: Food Safety Compliance. At Sun Chemical, we understand that as a brand owner, the safety and compliance of your packaging are paramount. With regulations tightening globally and the demand for low migration solutions escalating, navigating these waters can be overwhelming.

Our comprehensive guide on Energy Curable Ink Solutions provides a roadmap in a sea of complexity. This guide illuminates the path to compliance, safety, and excellence in packaging design.

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