Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

  • Streamline

    The Streamline range of inkjet inks are designed for a wide variety of wide and superwide format printers including Vutek, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Seiko and more.

  • Streamline ESL2

    Colour matched and mixable with Roland Eco Sol Max 2 inks

  • Streamline® ESL HPQ LO

    Colour matched and mixable with Roland Eco Sol Max inks

  • Streamline Super Wide Format

    Streamline® Super Wide Format

    Streamline 'RP' Super Wide Format inks

  • Streamline® Ultima HPQ LO

    Colour matched and mixable with Mimaki SS21 inks

  • SunJet

    SunJet works closely with printer OEMs and print head manufacturers to develop inks that work specifically with the latest inkjet printing technology.

  • SunTex

    Sun Chemical’s high-quality brand of inkjet products for the textile market.

  • SunTex™ Concerto RDE

    Reactive dye inks for Epson DX 4 & DX 5 print heads

  • SunTex™ Encore PDE

    Water based pigmented inks for Epson DX print heads

  • SunTex™ Sonata DDE

    Dye sublimation inks for direct printing with Epson DX 4-7 print heads

  • SunTex™ Sonata DTE

    Dye sublimation transfer inks for Epson DX 4/5 printheads

  • SunTronic™ CELLMET

    The SunTronic™ CELLMET product family is designed for use in high efficiency c-Si PV cells.

    The following products are available:

    SunTronic™ CELLMET Metallization Pastes

    • Screen printable back side Aluminum and Silver tabbing
    • Ink jettable Nanosilver ink

    SunTronic™ CELLMET Resists

    • Screen printable, both UV and thermal curing formulations

    SunTronic™ CELLMET Insulators & Dielectrics

    • Available in both

  • SunTronic™ ECLIPSE

    The SunTronic™ ECLIPSE product family includes a large and growing range of materials useful in printed electronic applications.

    The current ECLIPSE line includes:

    • Silver and graphite conductive inks
    • Resists — solvent and alkali strippable formulations
    • Dielectric and insulators
    • Sun Chemical graphic inks, optical boundary coatings
    • DIC fluorochemical based coatings, coated tapes and adhesives

    Standard products …

  • SunTronic™ NANOSILVER

    Nanosilver Inks for Printed Electronics

    SunTronic™ NANOSILVER is an ever-expanding range of inkjet printable nanosilver inks for a variety of printed electronics applications, including OLED panels, thin-film photovoltaic designs, printed mobile antennas, RFIDs and touch screen displays.

    SunTronic™ NANOSILVER feature:

    • Outstanding conductivity and high print resolution
    • Exceptional jetting performance, monodispersion and low-temperature sintering
    • Superior adhesion

  • SunTronic™ SOLSYS

    SunTronic™ Solsys materials are a range of products designed for use in thin film photovoltaic processes and designs including: CIGS, CdTe, OPV, DSSC, HIT, OPV and DSC.

    Our SunTronic™ Solsys product line includes:

    • Screen printable silver and graphite conductive inks
    • Ink jettable nano silver inks
    • Insulators and dielectrics (UV and thermal cure products)

    Key attributes…

  • SunTronic


    Sun Chemical develops advanced solutions to support a comprehensive range of applications in printed electronics.