Advanced Materials:

  • WATERSOL for Architectural

    DIC's WATERSOL waterborne acrylic emulsions imbue coatings with excellent mechanical stability and allow coating films to become hydrophobic.

  • WATERSOL for Electronics

    DIC’s WATERSOL waterborne resins imbue coatings for electronics with excellent mechanical stability and are capable of milling and spray coating.

  • WATERSOL for Ink

    DIC's WATERSOL self-emulsifying waterborne resins imbue ink formulations with excellent pigment dispersibility and film formation properties.

  • WATERSOL for Textiles

    DIC's WATERSOL waterborne resins for paper processing offer outstanding barrier capabilities and serve as specialized cationic emulsions.

  • WATERSOL L-AC for Automotive

    DIC's WATERSOL L-AC is a series of waterborne acrylic emulsions which imbue metallic automotive coatings with chemical resistance.