Soft-Tex for Cosmetics

Soft-Tex® Pigments Provide Exceptional Dispersion Solutions for Cosmetic Applications

Sun Chemical Color Materials has developed Soft-Tex to address the challenges associated with preparing cosmetic pigment dispersions. Soft-Tex controls both the particle size distribution and surface charge associated with the pigments, eliminating variability and instability. This means you will have a finished product that is homogeneous with high batch-to-batch consistency.


Key Attributes and Benefits:

  • More consistent formula control
  • Lower pigment bulk density derived from uniform particle size
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Stronger resistance to agglomeration of pigment particles
  • Greater color development in dry blends
  • Consistent color development throughout the mixing process
  • Increased efficiency in cosmetic production
  • Decreased milling requirement




Soft-Tex Pigments Brochure

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