Silane Surface Treatment

S Treatment Pigments Deliver Ideal Performance for Cosmetic Foundations and Powders

Produce the perfect texture that lasts all day with Sun Chemical’s Silane (S) Surface Treatment which delivers ideal performance for long wear foundations and pressed powders.

Silane Surface Treated Pigments

Sun Chemical’s S treatment provides the creamy texture and long wear properties for all skin tones. Based on our leading brands of cosmetic ingredients, this new hydrophobic surface treatment is perfect for formulating long wear foundations and pressed powders.


Key Attributes and Benefits

  • Creamy skin feel
  • Hydrophobic
  • Good dispersibility in oils and silicones
  • Provides wear and water resistance
  • Improves compressibility in powders

Target Applications

  • Skin care
  • Foundations and powders
  • Water resistant eye makeup
  • Wet/dry powder systems


SunCROMA and SunPURO Treated Pigments Sales Sheet

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